Stellar Charter School 2017-18 1:1 Device Agreement

Stellar Charter School in partnership with Redding School District provides all students with optimum learning opportunities by employing and preparing the best teachers, leaders and support personnel, providing the most contemporary facilities and technology, and setting standards for students to achieve academic excellence, personal and social growth, health, and success in a safe, positive, and diverse environment. The goal of the 1:1 program at Stellar is to provide opportunities for teachers to engage students, build digital/computer literacy and individualize instruction while creating a learning environment that is consistent with advances in technology and facilitate resource sharing, critical thinking, innovation, research, creativity, communication, collaboration, increased productivity and mobile learning.

Your child is not obligated to participate in the 1:1 Project and if you choose to not sign, this does not mean your student will not have access to classroom technology.  Your students’ classroom will still have a Chromebook for your students’ use while on the campus.

General Information

What is a Chromebook?

A Chromebook is a personal computer running Google Chrome OS as its operating system. Chromebooks are designed to be used while connected to the Internet and support applications like Google Docs that reside on the Web, rather than traditional PC applications like Microsoft Office that reside on the machine itself. This enables documents created on Google Docs to be accessible from anywhere with internet access.  Documents can also be edited without internet connectivity when the Offline Docs feature is enabled.

Students and parents are reminded that the Chromebooks are for school-related use only and may not be used by family members. Violating this use may results in Chromebook being confiscated and used only on school premises.

Receiving your Chromebook

Chromebook’s are deployed into secure carts in each classroom or common areas for use by students while at school.  Each Chromebook is assigned specifically to a child and is only to be used by that child on or off school premises unless otherwise directed by site staff.  For a student to be authorized to remove the Chromebook from school this document must be digitally signed by 1 of the student’s guardians.  

Chromebooks will be distributed to students by their TOR’s after their families have reviewed, signed the Chromebook Policy and Agreement during your TOR meeting. The Chromebook Policy Agreement will be posted at each school website along with the 1:1 Device Video for review. Parents must sign the Student Pledge, Parent Pledge and 1:1 Project Agreement forms before a Chromebook can be issued to their child.

Chromebook Yearly Check-In Procedure

The collection dates will be between May 21st – May 25th.  Your TOR will remind you when you need to return your Chromebook.

If a student transfers out of or graduates from Stellar during the school year, the Chromebook, Chromebook charger and any other peripheral devices/tools provided by Stellar must be returned at that time.

If a student fails to return the Chromebook, Chromebook charger and any other peripheral devices/tools provided, a charge for the replacement cost of the item(s) will be billed and transcripts/records will be held until the account is settled.  Replacement costs for equipment/damaged items are as follows (subject to change):


Replacement Cost

Chromebook (Dell, Samsung, Other)


Power Cord



Using Your Chromebook

At School

The Chromebook is intended for use at home each and every day.  You are welcome to bring it to school with you, but it is not a requirement.  There are Chromebooks in the classroom for your student to use at school.


Sound must be muted at all times during school hours unless permission is obtained from the teacher for instructional purposes. Personal music with inappropriate or suggestive themes is not allowed on the Chromebook and could result in disciplinary action.

Photo Library and Media stored on Chromebook

Chromebooks are for school related, educational purposes only.  Only photos that are for an educational purpose should be saved to the device.  Inappropriate media should not be on the Chromebook and may not be used as a screensaver or background photo.  Presence of inappropriate media of any kind can result in disciplinary actions and may also result in a loss of Chromebook privileges.  Photos/videos require a large amount of storage space on the device.

At Home

Students are encouraged to use their Chromebooks at home and other locations outside of school. A Wi-Fi Internet connection will be required for the majority of Chromebook use. However, some applications can be used while not connected to the Internet. Students are bound by the Stellar’s Acceptable Use Policy and all rules of this Guide regardless of where they use their Chromebooks and regardless of the source of the Internet connection.

Home Internet Access

Students are permitted to set up access to home wireless networks on their Chromebooks.  This will assist students with the ability to complete, retrieve, access, etc., education content used in classes with the Chromebook successfully.  Stellar Chromebooks will still utilize Stellar’s internet web filter both at school and at home, regardless of the internet provider.  All traffic is monitored and can be used to determine whether a student attempts to access inappropriate material.

Managing Your Files and Saving Your Work

Do to the nature of Google Drive cloud storage; all work is automatically saved to the student’s Google Drive storage location when a persistent internet connection is present.  Files can also be used in offline mode to allow continued work on selected projects even without an internet connection.  Upon returning to the school’s wi-fi access, or any other wi-fi access location, the students work will synchronize back to their Google Drive location to preserve any newly added changes to the offline work.  

Taking Care of Your Chromebook

Students are responsible for the general care of the Chromebook that they have been issued by Stellar Charter School.   A student must report a broken or lost Chromebook to their school office so that a support ticket can be issued and a member of the Redding School District Technology team can repair it.  Chromebooks can be repaired or replaced (subject to availability).  While a student Chromebook is out for repair the student will still have access to a Chromebook while at school only until the repair is completed.

General Precautions

  • No food or drink should be placed next to the Chromebook.
  • Cords, cables, and removable storage devices must be inserted carefully into the Chromebook.
  • Heavy objects should never be placed on top of Chromebooks.   
  • Chromebooks should never be exposed to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight for extended periods of time.
  • Chromebooks should never be carried with the screen open or by the screen.
  • Students should never disassemble Chromebooks and attempt their own repairs.


  • Students may not decorate the Chromebook with stickers, skins, tape, etc.
  • It is recommended that you store your Chromebook in a bag or your backpack during traveling to and from school. 


  • Each Chromebook will include an AC adapter. This adapter should be used to charge the Chromebook at home.
  • Students will be permitted to charge Chromebooks in the classroom at the teacher’s discretion.

Screen Care  

The Chromebook screen can be damaged if subjected to heavy objects, rough treatment, certain cleaning solvents, and other liquids. The screens are particularly sensitive to damage from excessive pressure.

  • Do not put pressure on the top of a Chromebook when it is closed.
  • Do not store a Chromebook with the screen open.
  • Do not place anything in the protective case that will press against the cover.
  • Make sure there is nothing on the keyboard before closing the lid.
  • Only clean the screen with a soft, dry microfiber cloth or anti-static cloth.

 Identification Labels 

  • All Chromebooks will be labeled with a Stellar Charter School identification tag. This label serves as an inventory and property ownership tag for Stellar.
  • Labels may not be modified or tampered with in any way.  If a label has come off or been removed please notify your teacher so a new one can be printed and attached. 

Storing Your Chromebook  

  • On school campuses when Chromebooks are not being used by students, Chromebooks should be stored in the student’s bag.
  • Chromebooks should never be stored in a vehicle.
  • Students are responsible for securely storing their Chromebook during extra-curricular activities and events.
  • Under no circumstances should a Chromebook be stored in unsupervised areas. Unsupervised areas might include the school grounds and campus, the cafeteria, classrooms, hallways, bathrooms, in a car, or any other area that is not securely locked or in which there is no supervision.
  • Unsupervised Chromebooks will be confiscated by staff and taken to the Principal’s office.
  • While the students Chromebook is off campus Stellar Charter School is not responsible for the safekeeping and protection of Chromebooks.

Software and Security

All Chromebooks are supplied with the latest build of Google Chrome Operating System (Chrome OS) and many other applications useful in an educational environment. The Chrome OS will automatically install updates when the computer is shut down and restarted.  

Stellar does employ a centralized management system that is utilized to change security settings, update software, and add or remove applications. Students are prohibited from disabling, modifying, circumventing or altering management settings or content filters.

Virus Protection  

Because virus protection is built into the Chrome OS, additional virus protection software is unnecessary.  

Content Filter

Redding School District utilizes an Internet Content filter that is in compliance with the federally mandated Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). All Chromebooks, regardless of physical location (in or out of school) and internet connection will have internet activity filtered. Despite the filter, RSD and Stellar cannot guarantee that all controversial or inappropriate materials will be blocked.  

Chromebook Discipline 

Due to a variety of situations that can arise from Chromebook misuse such as digital bullying, inappropriate content sharing, inappropriate content searching and research either on or off campus, your students school administration personnel reserve the right to decide at any time to limit access to certain elements of the Chromebook such as a more restrictive content filter block allowing ONLY websites and services that the school uses for educational purposes.  Due to the severity of an incident school administration may revoke access to a Chromebook completely.

Google Apps for Education  

Chromebooks seamlessly integrate with the Google Apps for Education suite of productivity and collaboration tools. This suite includes Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Drawings, and Forms. All work is stored in the cloud. Storage space will be available on the Chromebook, but since the device has storage limitations it is vital that the storage space be privileged for educational use only. It is also important to note that Chromebooks will NOT be backed up by RSD in cases of resetting or re-imaging.  It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that their work is backed up and therefore not lost due to mechanical failure or accidental deletion.  Student’s work is automatically backed up during use while on a wi-fi network.  Chromebook malfunctions are not an acceptable excuse for not submitting work. 

Chrome Web Apps and Extensions

Stellar Chromebooks may periodically have new software and web apps loaded to them as the administration and teachers use new techniques for engagement.  At this time students are not allowed to install any additional chrome apps, requests for new applications can be made to the student’s teachers.

Network Connectivity

RSD/Stellar makes no guarantee that their network will be up and running 100% of the time. In the rare case that the network is down, the District will not be responsible for lost or missing data.  Students will not be penalized if the network is down and a completed assignment cannot be accessed for class projects, presentations, etc. as this type of network outage will affect all students and staff in the school building. 

No Expectation of Privacy

Students have no expectation of confidentiality or privacy with respect to the usage or content of a Stellar-issued Chromebook, regardless of whether that use is for school-related or personal purposes, other than as specifically provided by law. RSD may, without prior notice or consent, log, supervise, access, view, monitor, and record use of student Chromebooks at school. Chromebooks are subject to confiscation at any time and without prior notice. At no time will webcams be used to monitor students. By using a Chromebook, students agree to such access, monitoring, and recording of their use.


Chromebook Repair 

The Redding School District’s Technology Team is responsible for all repairs of the student issued Chromebooks.  If a Chromebook is damaged and needs to be repaired the student MUST turn in the Chromebook to their school office.  The school office personnel will fill out a damage report.  If the damage is due to negligence, or misuse, the school will ask the family to reimburse the district via a letter / email to the family for the repair of only the parts.  Below is the list of most common repairs and the associated costs to the district for repairs.  


Chromebook LCD Screen Repair


Chromebook Charger Replacement


Chromebook Keyboard Replacement


Full Chromebook Replacement (if Damaged beyond repair due to negligence, Lost or Stolen)


Keyboard Key Replacement (if replaceable)

$20.00 flat fee for 1 to 4 keys.  5$ per key after

Cord Replacement (for charger)


Top Cover of Chromebook


Bezel (for Screen)


Screen Hinge



The Redding School District makes its best effort to acquire replacement parts and or subsequent repairs for the lowest price; however costs can change depending on supply options and are reflected in the invoice that comes in the mail.


The District reserves the right to retain a student Chromebook to be used at the school site during school hours for any reason.


Procedure for Restoring the Chrome OS:

If technical difficulties occur, technical support staff will use the “5-minute” rule.  If the problem cannot be fixed in 5 minutes, the Chromebook will be restored to factory defaults.  In a One-to-One environment it is impossible for support staff to maintain a working environment for all if too much time is spent fixing every glitch that may arise.  Restoring the Chrome OS will restore the device to the state in which the user originally received it.  All student created files stored on Google Drive will be intact after the operating system is restored.  All files saved on the Chromebook that have been synced to Google Drive will be intact.  However, all other data (photos, documents) stored on internal memory that has NOT been synced will not be restored. 

Student 1:1 Project Pledge

**The student pledge portion will be reviewed with students and signed by them during your TOR meeting. **

  1. I understand that the device and any accessories assigned to me at all times remains property of Stellar
  2. I will never leave the Chromebook unattended.
  3. I will never loan out my Chromebook to other individuals.
  4. I will know where my Chromebook is at all times.
  5. I will charge my Chromebook battery daily.
  6. I will keep food and beverages away from my Chromebook since they may cause damage to the device.
  7. I will not disassemble any part of my Chromebook or attempt any repairs.
  8. I will protect my Chromebook and transport it in either my own backpack or in a case that I provide.
  9. I will use my Chromebook in ways that are appropriate, meets Stellar’s expectations and are educational.
  10. I will not place decorations (such as stickers, markers, etc.) on the Chromebook.
  11. I will not remove the serial number label or any RSD/Stellar issued label.
  12. I will follow the policies outlined in the Chromebook Handbook and the Student Acceptable Use Policy while at school, as well as outside the school day.
  13. I will file an Incident report with the school office in case of theft, vandalism, breakage or any other event that disables my Chromebook due to my actions or the actions of another.
  14. I will be responsible for all damage or loss caused by neglect or abuse.
  15. I agree to return the Chromebook, and any provided accessories in good working condition. Otherwise I may be asked to compensate the school for the cost of the device and peripherals as outlined in this handbook.
  16. I will not use sites that allow access to blocked sites, i.e. social media or other inappropriate websites.
  17. I will not be mean to others online and will not support bullying of any kind.
  18. I understand that RSD reserves the right to search the contents of my assigned Stellar device if there is reasonable suspicion of inappropriate content that is harmful to me or any other user of RSD/Stellar provided technology.
  19. I understand that my use of the Chromebook is subject to all applicable RSD policies and regulations, including but not limited to the RSD Student Acceptable Use Policy as well any applicable provisions of the Student Handbook and any individual building policies and procedures.


Parent 1:1 Project Pledge

  1. I/we understand that the device assigned to me at all times remains property of Stellar
  2. I /we understand that Chromebooks are intended solely for educational use and that students are not permitted to download any applications not authorized by their teachers or approved by Stellar’s administration.
  3. I/we understand my/our responsibilities with respect to the care and maintenance of the Chromebook.
  4. I/we understand that students must return Chromebooks at the end of the school year in the condition it was received.
  5. I/we understand that I must report any problems or damage to the Chromebook to my Teacher /Principal /Office Staff
  6. I/we understand and accept that we may receive digital or other forms of communication regarding incident reports or other information about your student’s participation in the 1:1 project.
  7. I/we understand that RSD/Stellar reserve the right to search the contents of my assigned Stellar device if there is reasonable suspicion of inappropriate content that is has been accessed by me or any other user of Stellar provided technology.
  8. I/we understand that the use of Chromebooks will be governed by all terms and conditions of the Redding School District policies and regulations, including but not limited to the Student Acceptable Use Policy

Please enter your options below and then click to sign the document.  

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